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Kidney Disease & Hypertension

The dedicated multidisciplinary team at the Berkshire Medical Center Kidney Disease and Hypertension Center provides comprehensive hypertension, renal stone, and kidney disease diagnosis and management. For patients with kidney disease we focus on providing a continuum of care through all stages of chronic kidney disease. Our mission is to serve our community by providing high quality care in preventing or delaying kidney and cardiovascular disease. We do this through an extensive disease management program for patients with kidney disease with a focus on improving quality of life, promoting healthy outcomes, and preserving kidney function. We welcome patients visiting the Berkshires from other hemodialysis units. We provide an extensive disease management program for patients with kidney disease, while improving quality of life, promoting healthy outcomes, and preserving kidney function.

Berkshire Health Systems has three Dialysis facilities in Berkshire County, to serve all of our residents. They are located in Pittsfield, Great Barrington and North Adams. 

Our Program Features:

Dialysis Services

  • Chronic hemodialysis for permanent residents as well as transient visitors
  • Temporary dialysis for acute renal failure and ingestions
  • Home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis training and management
  • Accommodations for transient visitors
  • Sustained Low Efficiency Dialysis (SLED)- a state of the art modality of dialysis for critically ill patients, will be available this summer

Kidney Disease Services

  • Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic
  • Management of electrolyte disorders
  • Transplantation management after kidney transplantation in conjunction with renal transplant centers
  • Anemia Clinic
  • Hypertension Clinic
  • Metabolic Kidney Stone Clinic
  • Acute consultative services in Berkshire Medical Center

Our dialysis unit provides the highest level of care available. Our network statistics demonstrate our outstanding quality of care. These include:

  • Dialysis Adequacy - waste removal = 99% (compared to 95% national average)
  • Anemia Management - red blood cell count in optimal range = 71% (compared to 54% nationally)
  • Dialysis Access - average of 72% of patients at BHS starting kidney dialysis had AV fistulae in place (compared to 55% nationally)
  • Transplantation Rate - 100% of patients were informed of their transplant options (compared to 71% nationally) and 9% of our dialysis patients were transplanted annually (compared with an expected rate of 5%)
  • Standardized Total Days Hospitalized Ratio (of observed to expected number of days) = 0.81, 22% lower than expected
  • Overall Percentage of Patients with Albumin > 3.5: 91% (compared to 82% in network and state)


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