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Published: 01/6/2022

Berkshire Health Systems Updates Visitation Policies

PITTSFIELD, MA – As the most recent COVID-19 surge continues and following guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Berkshire Health Systems has updated its Visitation Policies for Berkshire Medical Center, Fairview Hospital and BMC and Fairview Physician Practices, effective Thursday, January 6, 2022. In most cases, the policy limits visitation to one care partner for non-COVID-19 inpatient units and allows limited window-separated visits for COVID-19 inpatients. The detailed policy can be found online at www.berkshirehealthsystems.org/covid.

For the Emergency Departments, non-Critical Care and Critical Care Units and Medical Surgical Units, one care partner is allowed with adult non-COVID-19 patients. For adult COVID-19 patients in non-critical care units, no visitation is allowed unless a designated exception applies, and video visits will be made available. Patients in Critical Care with COVID-19 are permitted two care partner/visitors per day viewing through a window for up to 30 minutes and video visits can be arranged.

For non-COVID-19 pediatric patients, two parents/guardians/care partners are allowed, and for COVID-19 pediatric patients, one parent/guardian/care partner is permitted.

In the Family Birthplace at BMC and Fairview, one designated birth partner is allowed at all times. If the expectant mother has COVID-19, the designated birth partner may stay in the patient’s room.

There are no visitors allowed in the Behavioral Health units unless there is a designated exception. A family meeting can be arranged with a behavioral health provider and video visits can be arranged.

Non-COVID-19 patients coming to the hospital for outpatient testing and services can have one care partner accompany them. Those with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or test should contact their provider to determine if an in-person visit is recommended, and if so, no one may accompany the patient to the office or testing/service location. These guidelines also apply to physician practices, the BMC Cancer & Infusion Center and other ambulatory services.  

For more information, visit www.berkshirehealthsystems.org/covid.