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Published: 07/26/2023

Berkshire 150 Enters Second Year: Community Wellness Program Promotes Exercise as Spring Commences

The Berkshire Health Systems Wellness Program wants area residents to spring into the new season and improve their health and well-being through the second year of Berkshire 150. Berkshire 150 is a community wellness program promoting exercise over a 6-week period, with the goal of exercising at least 150 minutes a week. That’s the number of minutes recommended by the Centers for Disease Control to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, in addition to eating the right foods.

Berkshire 150 runs from Sunday, April 17th to Saturday, May 28th and registration is currently open. Individuals can register at any time, even after the program starts, while teams must be registered by Sunday, April 17th. To register, visit the Berkshire Health Systems website at www.berkshirehealthsystems.org/berkshire150.

Individuals and teams can begin submitting their minutes on Sunday, April 23rd using a form that can be found on the BHS website. The final day for submitting minutes exercised is Wednesday, June 1st.

Participants can join Berkshire 150 as an individual or form a team. Participants can keep track of the number of minutes exercised daily on their phone, a calendar, or by using a fitness tracking app. Each week, participants submit the total number of minutes they exercised using the Berkshire 150 online submission form. They will also be able to submit minutes for any previous weeks they may have missed at any point during the duration of the program.

“Our Wellness team is here to support all of the participants throughout the program, whether they need assistance registering, have questions about exercises, or want to learn more about healthy living,” said Maureen Daniels, BHS Director of Wellness and Community Health. “Remember to stay hydrated, have fun, and work within your fitness level while exploring new activities. As always, please speak with your primary care provider before starting a new exercise program.”

For more information, visit the BHS website or contact the Wellness Team at wellnessatwork@bhs1.org.