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Wellness at Work

Wellness at Work helps the businesses in our community to implement healthy programs and practices that benefit both employees and employers by creating a healthier and safer work environment.

What we do

Berkshire Health Systems Wellness at Work program is a beacon for workplace well-being, acknowledging that the cost of health is far less than disease. Tailored to Berkshire County, our not-for-profit, the largest health system deeply rooted in the community, prioritizes health and quality of life. Beyond mere medical treatment, we address total costs—absences, disabilities, compensation, productivity, and organizational impact. Unparalleled, our program doesn’t subscribe to generic solutions but collaborates to create real change, focusing on lifestyle habits linked to major health issues. Our skilled team, comprising health professionals, tailors wellness strategies, including assessments, high-risk focus, robust risk reduction, on-site/virtual options, and rigorous evaluation.