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Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is where the body makes some insulin, but not enough.  Or the body prevents the insulin it does make from working correctly.  Most people with Diabetes have this type. Many are adults over 40 but the number of young adults and children is increasing.


  • Individualized counseling with a Registered Nurse and Registered Dietician
  • Group Classes offered monthly with day and evening hours offered at 2 locations. There are 4 two hour classes
  • Available for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients or type 2 diabetes patients who have been previously diagnosed but have never received comprehensive education in the past.  Family or friends are welcome to attend
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring with free meter
  • Medication instruction including insulin administration if needed which includes latest technology such as VGO insulin administration system
  • Match equipment needs and insurance needs
  • Meal Planning/Healthy eating that matches your insulin plan
  • Exercise Plan
  • Prevention high/low blood sugars
  • Insulin dose adjustments in conjunction with your MD
  • Hospital based Certified Diabetes Educator if hospitalization required

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