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Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes is when the body does not make insulin.  Insulin must be injected into the body.  Immediate treatment is required to prevent life threatening conditions.


  • Urgent visits
  • Individualized counseling with a Registered Nurses and Registered Dieticians
  • Blood Glucose monitoring with free meter
  • Insulin administration instruction
    • Methods: vial/syringe/insulin pens/ insulin pumps
  • Match equipment needs and insurance needs
  • Meal Planning/Healthy eating that matches your insulin plan
  • Exercise Plan
  • Prevention high/low blood sugars
  • Insulin dose adjustments in conjunction with your MD
  • Hospital based Certified Diabetes Educator if hospitalization required

Insulin Pump Education and Support: An Insulin pump is a mechanism for administering insulin that is the closest to the natural pancreas.  Insulin can be fine tuned in very small amounts.  A pump also eliminates multiple daily injections and can provide more lifestyle flexibility.  Usually, pump wears achieve tighter glucose control that can prevent diabetes complications. 

  • Certified pump trainers on site for all the major pumps: Animas, Medtronic, Omnipod, Accucheck Combo
  • Continuous Glucose Sensors is a device that provides continuous glucose Medtronic and Dexcom
  • Glucose Meter, Insulin Pump and Sensor computer downloads

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