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Treatment Overview

You're unique as a person and as a patient, just as different types of cancer behave and respond in different ways to a variety of treatments. Your treatment plan is designed individually for you. Your oncologists weigh all variables in mapping your course. You're in good hands. Berkshire Health Systems has a nationally recognized cancer program. BMC has twice received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons. We offer the same highly skilled treatment you would get at major metropolitan academic medical centers - without the fatigue and stress of long-distance travel.

Diagnosis, Staging & Pre-Treatment Evaluation

With our advanced labratory and imaging resources at both BMC and Fairview Hospital, diagnosis and staging is accurate and efficient. Staging is when we determine the location and extent of the disease. Your physicians use this information to design your plan of treatment.

Individual Treatment Plans

This is your personalized course of treatment, customized to your condition and designed by your oncologists in consultation with our advanced surgical, medical and radiation specialists. Your general health, history and the type, location and extent of your cancer will determine what treatments are right for you. Among individual or combination of options:

Surgery. If your physician recommends a surgical consultation, you have access to highly skilled surgeons specializing in cancer, with a stong focus on minimally invasive procedures. 

Infusion Therapy. This intraavenous method of delivering cancer-fighting medications is done on an outpatient basis at BMC or your doctor's office, administered by skilled professionals. Medicine and techniques to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy are also part of this program.

Radiation Therapy. Our advanced technology targets cancerous growth with calibrated doses of radiation, avoiding healthy tissues.

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