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Risk Reduction

After treatment for cancer has ended, many survivors want to find ways to reduce the chances of their cancer coming back. Many individuals find this is the time when they are motivated to make some changes in the way they take care of themselves.
Some things you may want to change include:
Stop smoking: Smoking may increase your chances of developing cancer in the same site or a new site in the future

Limit, reduce, eliminate alcohol: Studies have shown that drinking alcohol increases your chances of getting certain types of cancer
Eating Well: Healthy foods and physical activity may reduce your risk of a cancer returning. The American Cancer Society has developed a guide to help reduce your risk of your cancer:
• Eating a plant-based diet with at least 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day including beans and whole grains.
• Eating foods low in fat and salt
• Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight

Staying Active and exercise:Research has shown that staying active after cancer treatment can help to decrease your risk of a cancer coming back. Physical activity can help to

• Decrease anxiety and depression
• Improve mood and self-esteem
• Decrease fatigue, nausea, pain and diarrhea.
Talk to your doctor regarding a plan for your individual needs.

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