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Tobacco Treatment Services at Fairview

Fairview Hospital offers an Ongoing Smoking Cessation Program that is designed to provide a personal approach to kicking the habit of smoking.

Our comprehensive program includes an ongoing support group, one-on-one counseling, Nicotine Replacement Therapy and access to support on weekends.  An individual assessment is a required part of the program which creates a personal quit plan for each person.

 Anyone can self-refer to the program which is covered by most insurances. Classes meet at Fairview Hospital. Interpreter services are available. Tobacco Treatment Programs are also available and offered in local schools.  For more information, call (413) 854-9622.

Gerry McQuoid, program director provides the initial assessment. "We start each patient with a one-on-one meeting to determine whether the motivation is internal or external, their medical history and medication, stresses and triggers in their life and sometimes, even family dynamics play a role in our approach," says Gerry McQuoid, program director who meets with all patients first.

Unique to the program is the group setting approach which welcomes smokers at varying stages in the quitting process.  "We don't start and stop a program in a five week period.  Our participants support each other because they really do have empathy for those who are just starting the process. Those who are further along are inspiring to those who have just entered, it also enhances their own feeling of success.  Bringing these people together is a win-win situation," notes Cheryl Thomson, who is a Certified Tobacco Treatment Counselor.

Many patients continue to attend the support group beyond the initial program, bringing a higher success rate among participants.  "It takes a long time to quit something that you've been doing for many years, we welcome people as long as they want to come."

For those who do not want to be in a group, one-on-one meetings are available.

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