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Orthopedics - Our Patients

Robert MacDowell
He's paddled competitively at the professional level for over 20 years, won the National Canoe Championship, participated in the International Dragon Boat competition, and twice won the Josh Billings RunAground with his son. But it wasn't years navigating a canoe that wore out his shoulder. Read More. 



Tom Marley

Tom Marley remembers saying to himself the day after surgery, "Tommy, that's a new knee you got there, and the only way you're going to get better is to get walking." He reports experiencing little pain with his rehabilitation, but Dr. DeFelice did have a warning for him. Read More.


Mark Reynolds

As he reached his mid-fifties, Mark Reynolds found his own performances becoming more painful than pleasurable. At first, he thought the cause was a knee problem, but in October 2006, Dr. Herbert Boté spotted arthritis and other signs of deterioration in his right hip. Read More.

Sarah Bednarz

She was skiing back to the lodge after her final run on the very last day of practice with the PHS ski team. "I fell," she said, still sounding surprised that the mishap took place at all. "It wasn't even a bad fall." But it was bad enough to tear her ACL - a serious injury of the knee - and to sideline the outstanding athlete at the very peak of her high school career. Read More.

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