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Orthopedic Surgery

Joint, muscle or bone pain slowing you down? Berkshire Medical Center, the Crane Center for Ambulatory Surgery at BMC, the North Adams Campus of BMC and Fairview Hospital provide a full range of state-of-the-art orthopedic surgery options to get you moving again.

As the Western Massachusetts region's most experienced orthopedic practice, Berkshire Orthopaedic Associates, serving Berkshire County and Southern Vermont, provide our communities with around-the-clock care, excellent patient results and leading-edge orthopedic surgical techniques and treatments.

Experience the Benefits of Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Surgery

Our highly skilled team of orthopedic surgeons uses the Crane Center for Ambulatory Surgery, BMC's operating suites and the North Adams Campus of BMC, providing groundbreaking, minimally invasive orthopedic surgery options for patients of all ages. These procedures use smaller incisions than traditional surgery, which means less pain and scarring, fewer complications, shorter hospital stays and quicker returns to active lifestyles.

Our orthopedics program focuses on young to middle-aged athletes; hip, knee and shoulder reconstruction and replacement for "baby boomers" and older patients, and care and treatment for complex fractures and other trauma to bones and joints. Additionally, our orthopedic surgeons use new pre- and post-operative pain management techniques—some not even available a few years ago—to get patients home and into physical therapy faster.

Nationally Distinguished Joint Replacement in Pittsfield

BMC is also on the cutting edge of joint replacement surgery—and we’re proud to be been honored nationally for our commitment to quality care and superior patient outcomes:

  • The Joint Commission has designated BMC as a Center of Excellence for Hip & Knee Replacement

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield has named the hospital's program a Blue Distinction Center for Hip & Knee Replacement

As part of that commitment, BMC orthopedic surgery offers the anterior hip approach, the most advanced procedure to date in hip replacement. This approach results in less pain, faster recovery and increased mobility right after surgery when compared to traditional hip replacement surgery.

Sports Medicine & Wellness
Berkshire Health Systems, in collaboration with the orthopedic surgeons, also provides the BHS Sports Medicine & Wellness Program, committed to the prevention of sports-related injury and the return of athletes in our community back to their regular activities. This multidisciplinary approach includes orthopedic surgeons, therapists, nutritionists, wellness experts and members of the local sports community, and is meant for athletes of all ages and activity levels. 

See a Skilled Orthopedic Surgeon

Don’t wait to get the relief you need—contact a Berkshire orthopedic surgeon to make your appointment today.

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