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Stroke Care - Our Patients

Al Gelinas
He felt a strange clunk on his right thigh. "I looked down and realized it was my left arm. Almost simultaneously my wife appeared and saw the left side of my face was drooping. She called the ambulance."  Read More


Gloria Malcolm Arnold
"We were playing dominoes with friends and as we were talking, I suddenly couldn't get the words out that I was trying to say," she recalled. "My friends asked me to try and walk, and I didn't pass that test, either. My husband John called 9-1-1 and told them I was having a stroke." Read More


Audrey O'Brien
After eating, Jack O'Brien removed the dishes from the table and went into the kitchen. When he returned, his wife Audrey was slumped over. He immediately called their daughter, Lori O'Brien, who lives next door. "I knew right away she had suffered a stroke," said Lori. "Her left side was drooping. Dad had called 911 and she was at BMC very quickly." Read More

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