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The BMC Patient Relations Department is here to optimize your patient experience by providing support, advocacy, information, mediation and an opportunity for the official processing of feedback, whether that feedback be care related concerns and complaints or service and staff compliments.  We strive to improve the patient experience by processing patient and family provided feedback in a prompt and formal manner. The feedback we receive assists us in not only in celebrating our accomplishments, but also in insolating and addressing opportunities for improvement and refinement. While BMC is nationally recognized for the high quality, patient-centered care it provides, we must continue to grow and adapt to the ever-changing needs of our patients’, their families and our community.  

BMC understands that each individual comes to us with their own unique set of needs, expectations and circumstances that require not only acknowledgement, but also respect and compassion. In order to provide care to you in a medically appropriate way that also meets your needs and expectations, we offer the following suggestions: 

Help Us To Be Prepared - Provide Information In Advance
If you or a loved one has unique needs or requires special accommodations, we need to know this information in order to be able to prepare and meet that need. We recommend that if time allows, call ahead and let us know what your specific needs are and how we might be best able to accommodate you. We welcome your suggestions and will make every effort to utilize your suggestions within reason. For Example:

  • You prefer to have your care provided by healthcare professionals of a specific gender.
  • You require an interpreter.
  • You care for a patient who will require enhanced supervision.

Communication Is Key - Ask Questions & Offer Suggestions
We appreciate that you are the expert on you and your family’s needs. We also encourage and appreciate if you and your family play a leading role in the decision making process. Do not hesitate to ask questions and offer suggestions to help our staff communicate better and in a way that is well understood. For Example:

  • Ask medical personnel to restate or clarify what was said until you truly understand the message.
  • Ask medical personnel to speak a bit slower, louder, etc.
  • Do not be scared to ask questions about a diagnosis or about a plan of care.

Call For Assistance & Support – We Are Here To Help
BMC has many support personnel and programs available for you to call upon in a time of need. If at any time you feel you or your loved one has needs and reasonable requests that are not being addressed by staff, call upon us to help.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Setting
Whether you are trying to coordinate the best care possible in the inpatient hospital setting or outpatient physician practice setting, the same key points apply: Help us prepare by providing us with an accurate set of needs and expectations; Communicate before, during and following your appointment; if you need something additional, ask for support as BMC offers many different supportive programs. 

View our Patient Rights & Responsibilities Statement

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or need general information, please do not hesitate to call Patient Relations at BMC at 413-447-2466.
You may also visit our Feedback page for more information on ways to contact us or to contact the Joint Commission (formerly the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations). 


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