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Salary & Benefits

Salary & Benefits

Salary for Academic Year 2016-2017

  • OGME/PGY-1: $56,806
  • OGME/PGY-2: $59,011
  • OGME/PGY-3: $61,448
  • OGME/PGY-4: $63,906
  • OGME/PGY-5: $66,553

Educational Benefits

Effective July 1st of each academic year, and subject to annual revision, the following allowances are available to all interns and residents for: books, journals, medical software, other educational resources and professional society dues.

  • OGME/PGY-1     $500 per year
  • OGME/PGY-2     $500 per year
  • OGME/PGY-3     $500 per year
  • OGME/PGY-4     $1000 per year
  • OGME/PGY-5     $1000 per year

In the final qualifying year for specialty board examinations, each resident shall also be granted an additional $1,000 for a Board Review Course approved by the individual resident’s program director. This allowance may not be used to pay for fees to sit for the Board examinations. Allowances may not be carried over from one year to the next.

General Benefits:

  1. Medflex:  Berkshire Medical Center’s flexible benefit program includes health insurance options, dental insurance options, basic life insurance, supplemental life insurance, long and/or short term disability insurance, health care and dependent care spending accounts on a tax free basis, and spouse and child term life insurance on an after-tax basis.  The flexible benefit program provides dollars provided by BMC to be applied toward the purchase of benefits on a pre-tax basis, or a lesser sum to be taken as taxable cash if your spouse provides health insurance for you from another source.  The dollars, if utilized for health insurance, include 90% of the cost of individual coverage or 75% of family coverage based on Network Blue New England.  Benefit dollars are provided to partially cover dental insurance premiums, and to fully cover the cost of the long-term disability (50% option). 
    1. Health Care Spending Accounts allow you to contribute pre-tax money weekly for health care expenses not covered by health insurance plans.  It can add tax savings to the protection you receive from our medical and dental plans.

    2. Dependent Care Spending Accounts let you pay your dependent care fees on a pre-tax basis, as long as the care makes it possible for you to work.

  2. Basic Life Insurance:  A term life insurance is provided, paid in full by BMC covering one times your annual salary, effective upon date of hire.

  3. Uniforms:  White coats and scrubs and laundry of these garments will be provided.

  4. Professional Liability:  Liability insurance is provided for house officers free-of-charge during the term of the contract.  Coverage pertains to in-hospital activities only.  Limits are stated in contract between BMC and the Berkshire Insurance Company.  Tail coverage is included in this policy.

  5. Registration Fees:  Registration fees for temporary licenses are covered for house officers who are not permanently licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  6. Vacations:  Each house officer is entitled to four (4) weeks of vacation with pay each year. 

  7. Quarters:  On-call rooms are supplied for all members of the house staff who are required to reside in the hospital when they are on duty.  House officers are responsible for procuring their own housing.

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