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Joint - Pre-Operative Rehab

Pre-Hospital Rehab Program (Prehab)

Patients preparing for joint replacement surgery may be refered by the surgeon for pre-hospital Joint Replacement Rehabilitation (Prehab). The service is provided at the BMC Center for Rehabilitation - Outpatient Rehab.

The goal of Prehab is to help the patient be as well-conditioned as possible prior to surgery to enhance their post-operative recovery, and to understand the therapy routine that they will need to be involved in after surgery.

Prehab is accomplished in the few weeks before surgery:

  • Patients meet with a physical therapist for an assessment of their current mobility status and home set-up. 
  • They learn a home exercise program at the first Prehab visit. 
  • One to two follow-up visits allow the patient a chance to show the therapist their progress with movement and strengthening. 
  • The patient also meets with an occupational therapist in order to start learning how to move safely with the new joint when completing daily activities such as bathing and dressing.
  • Patients learn how to utilize the devices used with their recovery, such as a walker and special bathroom equipment, and how to safely maneuver through daily activities such as bathing and dressing.
  • They also learn the proper way to use stairs after joint replacement surgery.

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