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BMC Cancer Technology

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People need technology, and technology needs people. Highly skilled professionals using today’s most advanced technology in a specifically designed environment that enhances cancer care at BMC: precise diagnoses, optimal care plans and accuracy of treatment delivery. Innovative operating rooms and new surgical and radiation techniques provide highly efficient procedures and faster recovery for patients.

Radiology Imaging
Our diagnostic radiology unit features state-of-the-art imaging technologies utilized by board certified radiologists and certified technologists. Precise imaging allows your cancer specialist to pinpoint the exact sites for your therapy. This maximizes the effectiveness of treatment, reduces overall impact on your body and speeds your recovery. The images also measure improvements. Among the technologies used are CT, MRI, PET, x-rays, ultrasound, digital mammography and nuclear medicine. Electromagnetic Guidance System A new navigation technology developed by pulmonary specialists provides access to previously difficult-to-reach lung lesions. This electromagnetic guidance system improves diagnosis and management of lung cancer.

BMC Pathology
These doctors provide cancer diagnoses using the latest tissue analysis techniques, enhanced by a specialized molecular program. Your personalized report enables oncologists to choose effective treatments for you. The pathology group also manages BMC’s blood supply, safely fulfilling transfusion requirements from our own community, rather than relying on outside blood centers.

daVinci Surgical System
Our minimally invasive daVinci surgical system uses surgeon-controlled robotic technology to achieve smaller, precise incisions, less blood loss and shorter hospital stays resulting in faster recovery. It is being used with great success in performing thoracic, gynecological, prostate and urological surgeries.

Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapies are aimed at reducing local cancer recurrence. Our two linear accelerators treat a wide variety of cancers with targeted beams of radiation. They deliver just enough to attack the tumor, while avoiding exposure of healthy tissues. In brachytherapy, concentrated doses of radiation in small capsules or seeds are implanted inside or along the treatment site; it is particularly efficient and convenient for patients with prostate and gynecological cancer. Radiation therapies are aimed at reducing local cancer recurrence.

A Closer Look at BMC Cancer Technology
The BMC Cancer Center provides state-of-the-art anti-cancer therapy for a wide variety of tumors. In most cases, patients are referred to BMC by their primary care physicians for diagnostic services and tumor staging. Depending on the diagnosis, the patient may be referred to a surgical or medical oncologist, or to Berkshire Hematology and Oncology for the administration of radiation and chemotherapy.

State-of-the-art facilities and equipment at BMC provide our patients with the very best in cancer care. Our advanced technology includes:

  • Two linear accelerators provide radiation therapy, which treats a wide variety of cancers with a beam of radiation to a specific area.
  • Radiation brachytherapy, a concentrated dose of radiation in small capsules or "seeds" which are implanted inside or next to the site requiring treatment. Brachytherapy is particularly efficient and convenient for patients with prostate and gynecological cancer.
  • CT (computerized tomographic) scan simulator provides a three-dimensional reconstruction of the treatment area, enabling cancer specialists to pinpoint the exact site for radiation therapy.
  • The da Vinci Surgical System uses an innovative robotic technology for minimally invasive surgery for gynecological, colorectal, and urology treatment, especially prostate care. Robotic surgery enables complex minimally invasive procedures with unmatched precision.
  • An electromagnetic guidance system, a new technology at BMX offered by pulmonary medicine specialists, improves the diagnosis and management of lung carcinomas.
  • The BMC Bloodmobile is a state-of-the-art blood donation facility with dedicated expert professional staff.


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