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Your Step Counter

Each team member in Walk with Me in the Berkshires will receive a free step counter to record your weekly step counts. All efforts have been made to obtain quality step counters.

In 2016, Celticare Health has generously underwritten the step counters for our program, and for that we thank Celticare for helping to contribute to better health in the Berkshires. This is the third consecutive year CeltiCare has supported Walk with Me in the Berkshires!

The step counters are easy to operate. After opening your step counter box, make sure you pull the plastic tab out of the battery slot, which will activate your unit. Also, please read the instructions to show you how to work your pedometer. 

Should your step counter become damaged during the program, or lost, the walker is responsible for replacing it. We have a very limited number and cannot replace those that are lost or damaged.

Follow the instructions contained in the step counter packaging, and make sure you wear it in the correct place (it should rest on the area of your hip where you can feel the hip bone point, on either the left or right side of your hip), otherwise it will not record your steps accurately. If the step counter fails during the program, first please try to replace the battery.

Efforts will be made to replace step counters that do not function properly from the start, but again, there is a very limited supply and replacements will be provided only as available.

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