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William Levy, MD

Building on the strengths of cardiology

Close interaction between the hospital and its community - coupled with the goal of building on the strengths of Berkshire Medical Center's cardiology service - are among the factors that attracted Dr. Levy to BMC.

"I really like the community and I'm very impressed by this hospital," said Dr. Levy, who came to BMC from the Philadelphia area where he served as Director of the Echocardiography Lab and Intraoperative Echo Program at Abington Memorial Hospital. During his tenure at Abington, Dr. Levy also was the co-director of the Heart Valve Assessment Center at the hospital and previously served as an instructor in medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Board Certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Echocardiography and Intraoperative Transesophageal Echocardiography, Dr. Levy was fellowship trained in Cardiology at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. He received his Medical Degree from Yale University School of Medicine and has a bachelor's degree from Harvard University.

Dr. Levy is Director of BMC's echocardiography services. Echocardiograms are produced by pulses of harmless sound waves that are transmitted into the chest. The returning "echoes" are captured by a computer, which renders images of the heart and blood vessels.

Dr. Levy explains that there are two types of echocardiograms. One type is obtained by sending sound waves through the chest wall; the other involves placement of a sensor in the patient's esophagus. Both are safe and widely-used methods of assessing the function of the heart and its valves.

A native of Virginia and the son of a physician, Dr. Levy became interested in cardiology while doing research in medical school at Yale University. Outdoor sports including tennis, cross-country skiing, hiking and bicycle-riding occupy much of Dr. Levy's free time. He and his wife, Karen Kelly, M.D., a physician who specializes in geriatrics at BMC's Hillcrest Campus, are the parents of three children, two of whom are pre-medical students.

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