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William Kormanik

William Kormanik

“BMC's Neurosurgery Team looks at the whole person, not just the surgical aspects of treating a patient.”

Bill Kormanik of New Marlborough originally thought that the tingling and pain in his arm were the result of tendonitis. “I babied it,” he recalled. “I changed from lifting weights to working out in the pool, but nothing seemed to help. No matter what I did, my arm hurt.” Soon, Bill realized that the problem in his arm originated in his neck. When his arm became numb two years ago, Bill’s primary care physician said he would need to consult a neurosurgeon.

“I’ve had a number of major procedures over the years - including neurosurgery - at other large hospitals,” Bill said. “Whenever nerves are involved you have to be very careful. I knew that Berkshire Medical Center had a highly qualified Neurosurgeon and decided to start there because of the convenience.”

After a series of diagnostic tests, Bill was diagnosed with two calcified discs in his neck with protruding barbs that were pinching nerves extending into his arm. In October of 2010, he underwent an anterior discectomy to fuse the discs.

On the day of surgery, Bill’s wife Susan spent several hours in BMC’s first floor surgical waiting area. “All throughout the day, a staff person kept me updated on how the surgery was progressing,” Susan said. “That made a very big difference for me. When the surgery was over, I was fully informed on what was found and what was done, all in easy to understand language.” Bill is back to his active lifestyle.

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