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Wade Gebara, MD

Advanced technology in an environment that is very human

"It's very important that patients coming to our clinic don't feel as if they're coming into a great machine," says Dr. Wade Gebara, chief of the BMC Division of Radiation Oncology. "We don't want to lose the human touch."

Dr. Gebara has a board certification in radiation therapy. "Radiation oncology deals with the administration of high-dose radiation," Dr. Gebara explains, "in the management or treatment of patients with benign or malignant diseases. But it's more than science. My philosophy, which we practice in our clinic, is to bring the highest technology that we can, apply it appropriately to each patient, and do it in an environment that is very human."

Dr. Gebara's enthusiasm for science led him to become a doctor. "I was studying nuclear engineering as an undergraduate," he remembers. "I wrote a paper about how to build a linear accelerator. It was about parts and pieces of the machine, but I also learned the major use for accelerator technology was cancer management. I started thinking about medicine-and six months later I was in medical school."

Dr. Gebara is proud of the achievement award for exceptional performance given to the BMC Cancer Program by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. "It puts us in the top six percent of community practices," Dr. Gebara explains.

The son of a marine and a lawyer, Gebara lived at various military postings as a boy before his family settled in Georgia. He earned a B.S. in health physics at Georgia Institute of Technology and his medical doctorate at the Medical College of Georgia. He completed his residency at Duke University Medical Center, where he was chief resident in radiation oncology. Dr. Gebara resides in Williamstown with his wife and their pre-adolescent daughter and son. He finds gardening to be a relaxing pastime, reporting that his small tractor and his eight acres offer him a welcome escape from the phone calls and the stresses of medicine.

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