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Tricia Benoit

"I'm glad I had the surgery here at BMC."

"It took me five years to get up the nerve to have weight loss surgery. I think the thing that finally swung it for me was my daughter saying, ‘Mom, aren't you going swimming?' I had no energy, I had diabetes, and I had two small children. It got so I didn't want to swim, or do anything, really. But that did it. It's been two years since my surgery and what a difference! 

Now, a hundred pounds lighter, I feel great, I'm off the meds and I swim. I would highly recommend looking into this program. Dr. Lederman was just wonderful - very caring and very competent. You know, he made me believe that I was not just a number. I felt like he knew me.

I now know why it took me five years to have the surgery. I was waiting for the best doctor and the best program and that's what I found with Dr. Lederman and BMC. 

Yes, there are some changes for me, like no sugar or carbonation, but I tell you, I don't miss anything.

I'm so much more confident now. I actually do public speaking in connection with my work - something I would not have been able to do before.

I'm glad I waited and I'm glad I had the surgery here at BMC.


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