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Telemetry Unit at BMC

The Telemetry Unit at BMC is designed to improve patient care for people who have had heart attacks or heart disease. Located on the fourth floor of BMC, the unit has a state-of-the-art cardiac monitoring system that allows patients to move about the floor while remotely sending heart rate and rhythm data to the nurses' stations. The nurse call  system can also identify the location of every nurse in the event a particular nurse is needed in another section of the unit to provide patient care.

Three nursing stations - the main nursing station and two remote stations on the ends of the unit - allow the nurses to do their job more efficiently and give them the ability to access all of the information they need at any of the three stations through monitoring.

The monitoring system is also interconnected elsewhere in the hospital. This gives the physician greater flexibility and the patient better care, when, for example, a cardiologist can look at a screen in Telemetry and see first-hand a patient's heart rhythm when the patient is in the Emergency Department.

The nurses on the Telemetry Unit are specially trained to recognize abnormal rhythms.  The nurses must successfully complete the intensive Arrhythmia Course and the Coronary Course. Most of these nurses continue their education and complete the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Course.

Legacy Banks has donated a gift in the amount of $150,000 in support of
Berkshire Medical Center and its many programs that benefit the community. In recognition of this gift, BMC has dedicated its Cardiac Care Unit in honor of Legacy Banks.

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