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Second Century Circle

The Second Century
Our journey through the second century began in 1875 when a group of concerned citizens in Pittsfield started the House of Mercy, the nation's first cottage hospital. It continued with the development of St. Luke's Hospital and now Berkshire Medical Center.

As this caring journey progresses, we have the opportunity to help build and insure the future of high quality hospital care in our region, through Berkshire Medical Center.

The journey promises to be challenging. Together, we must confront significant changes in the healthcare delivery system, at a rate unprecedented in our history.

We are guided through our second century by three landmark principles:

  • Healthcare, like food and shelter, is a fundamental need of all human beings. As such, it deserves thoughtful community planning and priority philanthropic support.
  • To remain viable in the changing environment and uphold the values of our community, our hospital must be both wise in the ways of business and sensitive to the ways of caring.
  • Berkshire Medical Center - its buildings, equipment and staff - belongs to the community. In and of itself, it has no needs. Rather, it is the people we serve who have needs; needs which are met, in part, by philanthropy.

Adherence to these principles and fulfillment of the philanthropic opportunities which the second century presents will insure our ability to care for the people of the Berkshires now and in the years beyond. We invite you to join in the caring journey through the second century.

The BMC Family Tree
Members of the Second Century Circle are recognized at three different levels:

  • Annual Members - The names of all donors of $1,000 and above annually are inscribed on a brass leaf on the BMC Family Tree for one calendar year.
  • Memorial and honor gifts of $1,000 and above annually remain on the tree in perpetuity.
  • Patrons - Donors whose cumulative gifts total $25,000 to $49,999 are permanent members and receive recognition in perpetuity.
  • Benefactors - Donors whose cumulative gifts total $50,000 and above are permanent members and receive recognition in perpetuity.

Names of all donors are listed in annual publications.

BMC Honor Roll
Honor Roll - Donors who give $500-$999 annually will be listed on Berkshire Medical Center's Honor Roll of Donors for one calendar year.

For more information about the Second Century Circle, please contact the BMC Development & Community Relations Office at 413-447-2060.

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