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Robert Pensivy's Story

"If I had to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, it would be a 10."

When Robert Pensivy's diabetes was diagnosed a dozen years ago, he wasn't completely surprised. His father had diabetes, which didn't manifest itself until he was in his mid-50s, and Pensivy's diagnosis came when he was approaching 60. That was nearly 12 years ago, and in the ensuing years his blood glucose levels would vary at times from good to out of control. The Diabetes Education program at BMC has helped to change that.

"For the past three years, my numbers have been very good," said Robert, an electrician who currently works as the wire inspector for the town of Lenox. A major part of his success is the counseling he receives from Hope Burgess, RN, a certified diabetes educator at BMC, particularly when it comes to good nutrition. "She keeps after me to eat right. That's the main thing. When I started with the program, I would bring a list of the foods that I've eaten, and we went over each of them. I found that a lot of them were making my diabetes worse, so they disappeared from my diet."

Robert meets with Hope every three months at BMC, and together they review his health and discuss the best ways to keep his glucose levels in the normal range. The program works in concert with his physician. Robert said one of the best parts of the BMC program is his ability to call on Hope at almost any time for guidance. "She's been available to answer my questions whenever I've needed her expertise. It's been an incredible help to me in coping with my diabetes."

While Robert's personal health numbers are where they need to be, he gives the BMC Diabetes Education program his own high number for the care he's received. "If I had to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, it would be a 10, without a doubt."


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