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Rita Wick

"They thought I was the student."

"I'm just back from hiking in Peru with my best friend. Now there's a change! I certainly couldn't have done anything like that before surgery, and I'm not sure I'd do it again. But we took backpacks and hiked some 40 kilometers all the way to Maccu Pichu.

Two years ago, I was just about to turn 40, but I looked and felt much older than that. I had gone through training at the hospital - I'm a nurse - and so I knew about the program. I used to say, ‘I put the weight on my myself, I can take it off by myself.' But while I had lost a decent amount of weight on diets, it always came back.

And then, just before my first appointment with Dr. Lederman, I fell and sprained an ankle and it was clear to me that at 240 pounds, recovery was much harder work than if I had been lighter. That clinched it. I had gone to the monthly information sessions they hold and had seen a woman I knew growing up. I knew how heavy she'd been and I could see her result.

I was very happy with BMC and Dr. Lederman. As a registered nurse, I respect Dr. Lederman's abilities as a surgeon. As one of his patients, I appreciate them even more and I would trust him with my life.

I recently took my son for a college interview and someone thought I was the student. And I got carded recently. Now that makes you feel good!"

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