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Primary Care Outreach Team

The Primary Care Outreach Team is an interdisciplinary treatment team, designed to create a linkage between primary care and mental health treatment systems by providing primary care physicians with rapid access to consultation, assessment, brief intervention, triage and referral. The team includes clinicians with expertise in working with patients who have co-existing medical and psychiatric conditions. Areas of expertise are pain management, traumatic brain injury, dementia and other memory disorders, co-morbid medical and psychiatric disorders and the psychosocial aspect of coping with chronic medical illnesses.

The team's goal is to provide rapid, comprehensive and helpful psychiatric services to primary care physicians.

Our Staff

  • Liza Donlon, MD, Medical Director, Outpatient PCOT
  • Mary O'Malley, MD, PhD, Medical Director, Consultation Liaison Sevice
  • Sharon Mozian, MD, Associate Medical Director, Inpatient C/L Service
  • Staff Psychiatrists
    • Brenda Butler, MD
    • Liza Donlon, MD
    • Katherine Mallory, MD
    • Sharon Mozian, MD
    • Mary O'Malley, MD, PhD
  • John Harrington, Ph.D.
  • Social Workers
    • Sherri RyanMann, LICSW
    • Newell Young, LICSW

Program Leadership

  • Brenda Bahnson, LICSW, for the following units: 
    • Primary Care Outreach Team
    • Jones 2
    • Psychiatric Intensive Care (Jones 3)
    • McGee

Contact Information: To make a referral or for more information, call 413-447-2167

Memory Disorders Clinic
The Memory Disorders Program at Berkshire Medical Center provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment services for individuals experiencing memory loss. Each patient is seen by a team of professionals with expertise in memory, dementia and other aging issues.   The majority of people over the age of 50 will experience some degree of memory loss, and in most cases it is not related to any disease or illness. If you or a loved one are experiencing memory loss that is impacting on your daily life, contact your physician or the Memory Disorders Program at BMC.   

Early Signs of Memory Loss include:

  • Difficulty recalling recent events
  • Repeatedly forgetting common items such as keys, glasses, etc.
  • Difficulty in remembering new names and places
  • Difficulty learning new skills
  • Confusion about dates and times
  • Difficulty finding the right words
  • Trouble concentrating

If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, contact your physician or the Memory Disorders Program at Berkshire Medical Center.

Multidisciplinary Approach
The Memory Disorders Program at BMC is a specialty service of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine and who works collaboratively with hospital and community based neurological practitioners. The Program offers complete neuropsychological and social work services.  In addition, services such as psychiatric care, neurologic consultation, laboratory studies, and imaging and diagnosis are available, depending on the needs of the patient. The Program provides:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment Plans
  • Medication Options
  • Education on Dementia
  • Management of Behavioral Issues
  • Assistance for Caregivers
  • Safety Assessments
  • Assistance with Placement Decisions

Long-term follow-up in the multidisciplinary clinic helps enable the family and patient to address the difficult issues that arise with progressive memory problems.
Contact the Memory Disorders Clinic 
Phone: 413-447-2877
Alternate Phone: 413-447-2000, ext. 2877
Fax: 413-395-7696

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