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Physician Profile - Dr. Leslie Fishbein

Leslie J. Fishbein, MD
Director, Primary Care Outreach Team, Berkshire Medical Center

"I don't believe there's anything worse than mental suffering, and I'll do everything possible to alleviate such pain in my patients."

Brought up in Providence, Rhode Island, the notion of Leslie Fishbein becoming a doctor came at an early age. "I was exposed to mental suffering as a young child, and from that time on, I had a sense of wishing to become a doctor. I was always trying to fix the situation."

Dr. Fishbein lived up to her life-long dream by receiving her M.D. at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine in Philadelphia. She furthered her education with a residency in Psychiatry at Yale University. In 1997, while practicing at Boston Medical Center, she received a phone call from Alex Sabo, Chairman of the Department of Behavioral Sciences.

"I was about to deliver my second baby," recalls Dr. Fishbein, "and here's this exuberant fellow encouraging me to come to the Berkshires and help start the Primary Care Outreach Team. I couldn't believe it, for his vision was my vision: to bring mental health care into the primary-care finally bridge this long-standing gap in our health delivery system."

Presently, Dr. Fishbein is Director of the Primary Care Outreach Team at BMC, which offers multidisciplinary mental health consultation to the local medical/surgical practices, including inpatient consultation-liaison psychiatry, outpatient psychiatric consultation, brief insight-oriented psychotherapy, and psychiatric consultation to several area nursing homes.

Dr. Fishbein's hobbies include calligraphy, watercolors, yoga and Torah chanting. She lives in Lenox with her husband, Thomas, an attorney, and their two children, Arielle and Dana.

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