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Physician FAQs

Q. How much does a MA license cost?

A. License fees:

  • Initial Full License: $600.00
  • Temporary License: $250.00
  • Full License Renewal: $600.00
  • Lapsed License Renewal: $700.00
  • Limited License: $100.00

Q. What if I once had a Massachusetts license, but I retired or allowed my license to expire? Can I reapply for a license?

A. Yes. You would use either of the following license applications, depending on your particular circumstances.

  1. Lapsed License: A lapsed license application is for a physician who was issued a Massachusetts license that expired for non-renewal. Contact the Division of Law and Policy if the full license was revoked or suspended by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine. The fee is $600.00.
  2. Reactivated License: A physician who was licensed in Massachusetts and retired from the practice of medicine may submit an application to reactivate his/her license. The fee is $600.00.

Q. How long does it take to process a full license application?

A. The average length of time for processing a full license is six (6) to eight (8) weeks. Applications that have malpractice, competency or legal issues will require more time to process. Following approval of your application for licensure by the Board, your wallet-sized card will be mailed to you within eight (8) business days, and your certificate of licensure will be mailed within 4-6 weeks.

You will be required to send a copy of your Massachusetts license to the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA),, and to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to obtain a state controlled substance certificate.

To contact the DEA by phone, call (617) 557-2200, or the Mass. Department of Public Health, call (617) 983-6704.

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