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OutPatient Manuals


 Scope of Services              
       Mission & Introduction
       Intro and Scope of Service
       Scope & Accreditation
       Key Personnel
       Blood draws - Satellite locations
       NH & Home draws
       Specimen and Patient Preparation
       Ordering Laboratory Tests - Requisitions
       Outpatient Order Documentation
       Diagnosis and Medical Necessity
       Supplies Provided to Clients
       Supply Agreement Statement
       Test Results - Reporting
       Add on Testing
       Billling Issues
       National Coverage Determinations
       Acceptance Rejection of Specimens
       Specimen Transport Policy
 Special Test Listing
       Tests with Special Considerations
       Micro Collection Tubes 
       Tests and Tubes Commonly Used 
       Critical Chem Values    
       Critical Drug Values    
       Critical Heme Values    
       Rast, Bone Marrow, Flow
       Urine Toxology
       Urine & Body Fluids
       HIV Testing
       Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
       Pre Surgical Staph Screening MRSA MSSA
       Tick Lyme PCR Testing
       Tick Testing direct to UMASS 
       UMASS Tick information & Form
       Urine  24 hr Collections
       Urine Preservations
 Test Listing
       Panels Listing
       Test List - Lab Guide Template
 Path & Cyto
       Surgical Pathology     
       Cyto Section
       FNA Booklet Text
       Intro-Spec Collection
       Micro Test Codes & Descriptions     
       Micro Spec Collection & Culture Inst.     
Molecular Biology
       Intro and Test List
       Storage Regs    
       Genetic Consent
       MB HPV1
       Cystic Fibrosis
      Compliance Guidelines for Phleb, Billing & Marketing
      HIPAA Manuals


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