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Cardiology - Our Patients

Michael Coco
"I was in church," Michael Coco remembers. "It was Easter Sunday, and I had a feeling in my chest, a pain I normally didn't have." At first, he didn't think much about it. "Then, a couple of hours later, I felt it in my shoulder and in my arm." The pain continued to spread. "It was about four o'clock that I turned beet-red and my wife said, ‘We're going to the emergency room.'"
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Mary Dawson
Mary and her husband Wayne have traveled throughout the world. Despite a bad knee and a weakened heart, Mary was determined to climb the Great Wall of China and, with her Asian guides pushing and pulling her the last steps of the way, she succeeded. But after two serious bouts of congestive heart failure, Mary knew she still faced her greatest challenge.
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Henry & Mary Holt
Henry and Mary Holt of Lee have heart conditions that require a variety of services from the BHS Division of Cardiology that is led by Jeffrey Leppo, MD. "The treatment has been excellent," Henry said, referring to both clinical services and cardiac rehabilitation, which he attends three mornings a week. "Dr. Leppo is leading a first-rate operation." Read More

Elizabeth Thomson
Elizabeth Thomson, who worked for 30 years at Austin Riggs in Stockbridge, never suffered a serious illness and was always healthy. Nevertheless, she had trouble breathing one morning at work, and her condition began to rapidly deteriorate. Doctors at Austin Riggs administered CPR and she was rushed to Berkshire Medical Center's emergency department. Read More

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