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Cancer Care - Our Patients

 Julie Barile
Julie Barile was 36 when she discovered a small lump in her breast. The lump grew, and Julie's doctors decided it should be removed and biopsied. Her surgeon, Dr. Michael DiSiena, called to deliver some unwelcome news: she had cancer. "I really didn't expect that," she said. "It was a huge shock." Read More 


Anthony Lawson
"I told them it wouldn't be necessary. I've always taken care of myself and didn't think I needed any help." He readily admits now he was sorely mistaken. Read More.


Robert Lebeau
"I was shaving one morning," Robert Lebeau remembers. "I found a lump under my ear. It was tiny, the size of your little fingernail." That small growth turned out to be a cancerous tumor that required hours of surgery and months of radiation. Today, Robert Lebeau is back on his Harley Davidson with a new lease on life. Read More

Kimberly Roberts-Morandi
Looking back, Kimberly Roberts-Morandi wonders if she spent her whole life knowing she would one day face a diagnosis of cancer. Her mom is a breast cancer survivor. Still, news that she too had joined the ranks of millions of women with breast cancer was a terrible shock. Read More

Sarah Muil
Sarah was 34 when she noticed her lymph nodes were swollen after recovering from strep throat. Her surgeon recommended one be removed. She braced herself for the news that he gently delivered: she had Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of cancer originating from white blood cells. Read More

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