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Objectives & Competencies

Program Objectives and Expected Competencies

Upon completion of the Medical Technology internship, the student will:

  1. Determine appropriate specimen collection, processing, and analysis of patient specimens by following established procedures.
  2. Perform manual and automated testing on patient blood or body fluids that result in valid laboratory results.
  3. Perform routine maintenance, trouble shooting, quality control, and calibrations on instrumentation following established procedures.
  4. Evaluate quality control data and determine course of action when quality control falls outside of range.
  5. Interpret laboratory data generated from different disciplines within the clinical laboratory regarding test accuracy, disease states, and reference limits.
  6. Comply with state, federal, institutional, and accrediting guidelines as they apply to successful operation of the clinical laboratory.
  7. Evaluate published research to make informed choices as a consumer.
  8. Apply published safety practices to work in the clinical laboratory.
  9. Apply principles of education methodology to students and new employees.
  10. Maintain professional competence and growth by continuing education and life long learning.
  11. Promote the MLS profession (formerly MT/CLS) by active participation in professional organizations and community service.
  12. Apply principles of laboratory management and supervision using skills of organization, human resources, financial resources, and laboratory operations.
  13. Practice established confidentiality guidelines.
  14. Demonstrate professional and ethical conduct with all healthcare professionals, consumers, and patients.
  15. Use current information systems technology to requisition tests, access patient information, data entry, monitor quality control, and exchange information while complying with confidentiality guidelines.

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