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Nuclear Imaging Stress Test

Preparing for a Nuclear Imaging Stress Test 

  1. You may have a light meal two hours before the test. This meal may include Jell-O, broth, toast and juice.

  2. NO caffeine, chocolate and soda for 24 hours and NO tobacco use for 2 hours prior to the test.

  3. Wear or bring footwear and apparel appropriate for walking or running on a treadmill, such as sneakers, sweat pants, etc. You will remove your clothing from the waist up, and wear a hospital gown for the duration of the test.

  4. If you are taking medications, you must contact your physician at least three days prior to the test for any special instructions regarding these medications.

  5. If you use an inhaler for your breathing, please bring it with you.

  6. This test will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

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