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Nancy Britten

“I have a lot to be thankful for.”

“I’m happy and I’m adjusting,” says Nancy Britten, a colon-cancer survivor. “I have lots of friends and I’m healthy - I had to be to beat the cancer. My outlook is very good and that’s important. They saved my life.”

In June, 2006, she recalls, Nancy didn’t feel well. “I was running a low fever all the time so I went to my physician, Dr. Robert Taylor. He did a test on my stool and found a lot of blood. He said the anemia explained how tired I was. He got me a colonoscopy right away, and Dr. Fanelli found the cancer.”

Barely two weeks later, she was in the operating room with surgeon Robert Fanelli, MD. “They took twelve inches off my colon,” Nancy says, still a little amazed at the process. “They thought they had it all, and now I go to my oncologist, Dr. Triantos, every three months. When I had my one-year colonoscopy at BMC, I was cancer-free.”

“People at the hospital were fantastic,” she continued. “I knew some of the hospital staff from my husband’s illnesses – he had several and hospitalizations major surgeries – but the care he received at BMC was always very good. I am comfortable here. These people are certainly qualified, but they’re also very concerned with your needs and how you feel. They try to understand your fears, especially if it’s your first procedure. They’re very good at explaining. They’re compassionate.”

Nancy Britten taught elementary school for more than thirty years in Pittsfield, and worked five more as a substitute teacher. Now retired, she lives with her two cats and keeps busy. “I play mahjong twice a week and cards one afternoon a week. I go to the movies. I love to read.” She has family in the area, too, including grown children and stepchildren, as well as three grandchildren. “I love to play with my three-year-old grandson,” she says, her brown eyes laughing. “We build forts in his bedroom. Boy, am I sore after that - I have to be on the floor with him. I have a lot to be thankful for.” 

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