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Michelle Simon Grady

"I did it for myself"

"I have to say, making the decision to have weight loss surgery was the hardest thing for me. I had heard about it and a friend went with me for support. I didn't have family support. I guess they were afraid something might happen to me. But it turned out to be such a positive decision that I sure would do it again.

I walk now and I joined a gym. I also go to Weight Watchers on my lunch hour because I thought I needed to be accountable to someone else. I know you can go back but I am working hard not to. There are days I get down but I keep a picture of myself 100 pounds heavier and people will see me and say, ‘You look wonderful. How do you do it?' Well, it's not easy. I eat in moderation, not binging the way I did before.

Dr. Lederman's staff is just wonderful. However he trained them, it worked. Oh yes, I would recommend it to others.

I did it for myself and I have tell you, I feel great about me."

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