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Kimberly Bishop's Story

"This procedure has made all the difference for me."

Kimberly Bishop, who suffered from serious sinus problems, used to hate bedtime. "Just the thought of going to bed was miserable," she said. "I couldn't breath and the pain and pressure were terrible. Most nights, I ended up on the couch."

Daytime wasn't much better. "I used to have headaches every single day. I took Excedrin or Ibuprofen all day long," she said.

John Loiodice, MD, Kim's otolaryngologist (a physician specializing in conditions of the ear, nose, and throat) recommended balloon sinuplasty, a new endoscopic procedure for patients suffering from severe sinusitis in which a small sinus balloon catheter opens blocked passageways and restores normal function. The same-day surgery was scheduled to take place at Berkshire Medical Center's new Crane Center for Ambulatory Surgery.

"Everything about it was great," she said. "We arrived early in the morning and checked in. A short while later, we were brought to the waiting and prep area. The nurses were wonderful and the facility was very nice. They made us feel so comfortable and I felt our privacy was protected."

Because of a past history of difficulty with intravenous needles, Kim was dreading that part of the procedure most of all and told the staff about her anxiety. "They took their time, and called in an IV therapist who successfully inserted the needle into the vein the first time. That alone made the entire day much easier."

Her procedure took place on November 30, and she returned home the same day. Once the packing was removed a week later, Kim said she felt fine. "I had a great experience at the ambulatory surgery center, and this procedure has made all the difference for me."

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