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Jim St. Lawrence

"I lost 185 pounds and joined a gym "

"I had lost a younger brother to cancer and I wanted to do something on his birthday so I did. That was two years ago, when my weight was out of control and I didn't have the energy to do much at all. I was pre-diabetic, had sleep apnea and I was concerned about my health. I work in the pharmacy here at the hospital and I had seen the success they were having with weight loss surgery. They put me through a lot of testing to make sure I was committed to this decision. I spent just two days in the hospital and never had any pain.

Dr. Lederman and his entire group of nurses, counselors, dieticians and office support staff all make you feel like family from your very first contact with them. They hold nothing back, and thoroughly explain this entire process, how they will help and what they expect of you as a patient. This very open dialog leaves no surprises as the program proceeds. It was a terrific experience working with them as a team to achieve my goal of weight loss, better health and increased confidence. 

They told me I would have the greatest opportunity to lose weight during the first six months, so I worked hard. I lost 185 pounds and joined a gym. I don't run but I do walk a lot.

I had the surgery in September and the following spring, I went back to my golf club, walked in and said hello to some friends. They said, ‘Do we know you?' I went from a size 4X to medium in clothes, so you can see why they were fooled.

The key to keeping weight down is portion control and I do that now. I have given up red meat pretty much, which I used to love. But not now. I actually order off the appetizer menu and get them to bring it with my wife's entree. Food used to be my main interest but now it's pretty low on my priority list."

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