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Jim Moran


"This surgery didn't only change my life - it saved my life.''

"Before surgery, I had several weight related issues including diabetes and sleep apnea. I was on a host of medications and insulin. Since losing weight, I no longer take any medications at all and the sleep apnea is gone.

For the first time in over 20 years, I'm able to run a mile without stopping. As a matter of fact, I feel 20 years younger.

I was always a very active person who loved to play golf and work outside. But as my weight increased, my desire to participate in physical activity was greatly reduced. Simple tasks like raking the yard or mowing the lawn would exhaust me.

Now, I can't seem to stop. I have so much energy and look forward to doing the things I used to enjoy.

My wife and children can't believe the change, and people I meet on the street who I haven't seen for a while don't recognize me.

It's great to have my life back!"

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