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Hospitalist Program at BMC

Berkshire Medical Center's Department of Internal Medicine has a team of physicians on staff that specializes in managing the care of patients while in the hospital. Hospitalists see patients daily or more frequently, depending on a patient's condition. They coordinate all aspects of the patient's care with nurses and other specialists, order tests and diagnostic studies. Because of the documented benefits of this program, many community physicians have entrusted the care of their hospitalized patients to the BMC Hospitalists.

A Hospitalist is...
A Hospitalist is a specially-trained physician who is based full time in the hospital and whose practice is dedicated entirely to inpatient medicine. Hospitalists do not see patients outside of the hospital. Their only responsibility is the care of hospitalized patients. As a result, our Hospitalists are more available to patients and their families to answer questions, explain treatment and help with decisions.

Working in Partnership with Your Primary Care Physician
Collaboration between our Hospitalists and Primary Care Physicians begins as soon as a patient is admitted to BMC. The Hospitalist remains in touch with the patient's physician if there is any significant change in condition. The close integration of case managers affiliated with the Hospitalist Program ensures a smooth transition to the home, rehab facility or long-term care environment. When patients are discharged, the Hospitalist will provide their physicians with information about diagnoses, any significant findings, changes in medications and what to look for in follow-up visits.

At BMC, we are committed to providing the highest quality care for our patients. While Hospitalists are a relatively new physician specialty, research already indicates they improve care for the hospitalized patient.

How the Hospitalist Program Benefits You as a Patient
You and your family now have access to a physician throughout the day who is focused on you and your care during your stay in the hospital. Because they work full time at BMC, our Hospitalists are highly skilled in treating hospitalized patients and are experts at coordinating with nurses, the various specialists, and other services and diagnostic tests that can be part of your hospitalization. The Hospitalists also closely oversee the work and training of residents who may be involved in your care.

Because Hospitalists do not see patients outside of the hospital, their only responsibility is the care of hospitalized patients. As a result, our Hospitalists are more available to you and your family to answer questions, address concerns, explain treatment, and help you in the decision making process.

Hospitalist Program Mission, Vision and Values
The mission of the BMC Hospitalist Program is to provide evidence-based, multidisciplinary, patient-centered care and quality medical education to our community.

The Hospitalists are leaders and mentors in promoting and communicating the BHS values of: compassion, respect, excellence, stewardship, and trust.

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