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Henry and Mary Holt

"I go to my hospital, our hospital, the community hospital."

Henry and Mary Holt of Lee have heart conditions that require a variety of services from the BHS Division of Cardiology that is led by Jeffrey Leppo, MD. "The treatment has been excellent," Henry said, referring to both clinical services and cardiac rehabilitation, which he attends three mornings a week. "Dr. Leppo is leading a first-rate operation. People don't necessarily understand the value of this hospital until a medical emergency arises. Then, they find out that we have an absolute jewel in our own backyard."

To Henry, Berkshire Medical Center represents the perfect balance between the highest standards of professional care that are delivered in a warm and patient-centered environment. "The cardiologists are dedicated to saving lives, and they are doing a phenomenal job," he said. "But in the midst of such serious work, we are also always greeted with a smile. The professionals in cardiac rehab are committed to every patient. They're a happy group and the patients enjoy being a part of their camaraderie. They closely monitor each of us, tracking our progress. I've met many people there who I now consider dear friends."

Henry and Mary Holt take every opportunity to educate those they meet about the accomplished physicians at BHS. "Some people think that if they have a serious problem, they have to go to Boston, New York or Albany," he said. "Not so. We have terrific doctors right here."

After cardiac rehab, Henry heads to the cafeteria for a coffee. "When we walk through the hospital, all of the staff greets you," he said. "Everyone smiles. It's a very comforting, friendly place. You don't feel like you're in an institution. If you are sick and need healthcare, you go to the hospital. But I prefer to place the emphasis differently. I go to my hospital, our hospital, the community hospital."

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