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Heather Holloway

"Do you know what happened to Heather?"

"I had attended one of BMC's seminars about weight loss surgery, but didn't make a decision. Then I went with a friend to a doctor's office about a year later and there was a brochure about the surgery in the waiting room. I read it and it clicked, I guess. At the time, I didn't have any real health problems but I wanted to do something about my weight before it got to that point.

So, 10 months ago I had lap band surgery, performed by Dr. Robert Fanelli, and it went fine. It completely changed my eating, for one. Now it's mainly chicken and fish and a lot of greens, which I love. I haven't gone back to bread and pasta and those types of things. I've lost 115 pounds so far, which is probably about it for me. I went from size 20 to size six or eight.

I deliver the mail so I didn't have to join health clubs or anything. I walk six and a half miles a day and before surgery, it was getting difficult. But now it's fine. One old man on my route stopped me one day and asked, "Do you know what ever happened to Heather?"

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