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Fairview Surgery - Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1 - Why do I have to come in so early before my scheduled surgery?

Answer: There are many things which need to be done before you will be ready for surgery. The Registered Nurse will do an assessment including temperature and blood pressure. The nurse reviews your medical history and medication list for any changes since your PAS appointment. You will have an IV started and the nurse will discuss your surgery and review instructions for your return home. You will also meet with an anesthesiologist to discuss anesthesia options and decide on an anesthesia plan.

Question #2 - When will I be discharged after surgery?

Answer: Many people are able to go home the same day as their surgery. Your surgeon will tell you if you are eligible for this. You must meet certain criteria to be deemed safe to go home. We make every effort to get you back home as soon as possible.

Question #3 - Do I need someone to drive me home and stay with me after surgery? Can I go home in a taxi?

Answer: To ensure a safe discharge due to having had anesthesia or sedation, the anesthesia department requires that you have a responsible adult to get you home. You should have someone available to assist you as needed once you get home to ensure a smooth and safe transition from the hospital to home. The only time you can go home in a taxi is if the responsible person goes with you.

Question #4 - What kind of restrictions do I have to follow after surgery?

Answer: This is based on the type of surgery you had and your surgeon's instructions. You can discuss this with your surgeon before you have surgery. The surgeon may be able to give you some general restrictions ahead of time. You will also be given any restrictions to follow with the discharge instructions you get when you leave on the day of your surgery.

Question #5 - How soon can I drive?

Answer: You are not allowed to drive for 24 hours after having had anesthesia or sedation. In addition, your surgeon may have other restrictions on driving based on your surgery. You will be given these instructions upon discharge.

Question #6 - What is the infection rate for surgical procedures?

Answer: Fairview Hospital runs well below the national average for surgical site infections.

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