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Diabetes - Know Your Numbers!

Have you met your ABC’s of Diabetes Care? Do you know your numbers?

  • A= A1C (average blood sugar over past three months) Less than 7.0 % for all and less than 6.0% for those at low risk of hypoglycemia
  • B= Blood Pressure    Less than 130/80
  • C= Cholesterol LDL less than 70 HDL greater than 40 men and 50 women Triglycerides less than 150

Most of diabetes care is self-management. You decide what to eat, to test your blood sugar, to exercise and to take your medications. Knowing your numbers is important for you and your doctor to know how you are doing. Ask your doctor to have an A1C done every 3 months, to check your blood pressure each visit and to have a cholesterol test annually. Be an active member of the diabetes care team. Call an educator today at 413 395-7942 for assistance achieving the ABCs of diabetes.


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