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Department of Anesthesia

Among the unique aspects of surgery at Berkshire Health Systems is the prominent role of board certified anesthesiologists, who bring the highest standards of this medical specialty to the care of every patient scheduled for surgery at Berkshire Medical Center or Fairview Hospital.

Called perioperative medicine, this process ensures that a highly-trained physician anesthesiologist assesses and prepares surgical patients and manages all aspects of their care from the time surgery is scheduled until the patient is returned to a hospital room or discharged following day surgery.

"We pull all of the pieces together so that we can see the big picture for every patient," said Mark Vanden Bosch, MD, Chairman of the BHS Department of Anesthesiology. "This approach eases a patient's concerns about surgery, and helps us to ensure the best possible outcome."

Prior to surgery, the anesthesiologist will study the patient's current medical history provided by both the patient and referring physician, discuss the case with any other specialists if necessary, and plan for the management of patient care during the surgical procedure. The anesthesiologist will also consider any co-management issues, including whether the patient has heart disease, diabetes or any other health issues. All of these factors and areas of expertise are assembled to provide the best medical care during surgery.

Once surgical patients are discharged to a hospital floor or home, care is transferred back to their physicians. Anesthesiologists remain available to consult with these physicians and assist with pain management.

BHS anesthesiologists provide high-quality, 24-hour care and are assisted by certified registered nurse anesthesiologists.

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