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Conversation Starters

The Continence Center is known for helping each patient address what may be an uncomfortable or even embarrassing topic with great sensitivity. Talking about incontinence is the first step in overcoming a very common - and treatable - condition!   We want to help you find the cause, get the appropriate treatment and reclaim your wonderful, active life. 

Below are a few conversation starters to help you bring up the subject. Rest assured, you are not alone! Once you open the door to the discussion, your healthcare provider will carry the ball, asking the right questions in the right way.

Conversation Starters
"It seems as though I am always going to the bathroom."

"Often, I find that the need to use a bathroom can be very pressing, and the urge comes on suddenly."

"I find that, these days, I'm not going anywhere unless I know a bathroom is convenient."

"I'm frustrated! I feel like I can't go anywhere on the spur of the moment because I never know when I will need to use a bathroom."

"I find that I need to carefully plan when I drink anything, especially when I know I will be away from the house or a convenient bathroom."

"While I haven't had an accident yet, I have had minor leakage, and I'm worried it will get worse."

"I recently had prostate surgery, and I'm having a hard time controlling my bladder."

"I find that I can't run/play tennis/do aerobics/play golf/pursue my normal lifestyle, because I am having leakage when I do. And even worse, sometimes the urge comes on so suddenly, I fear I won't make it to the bathroom on time."

"I'm not getting a full night's sleep anymore because of having to get up to go to the bathroom 2-3 or more times every night."

You can, of course, come up with your own conversation starters, as well.

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