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Carolyn McMahon

“The best-kept secret in Pittsfield is the therapeutic pool
at the Center for Rehabilitation at BMC”

Arthritis was compromising Carolyn McMahon’s life and sense of wellbeing. “The discomfort was keeping me from walking upright. I was sedentary and giving in to the pain,” she said. “I went to my doctor, and she sent me to BMC for therapy.”

At the Center for Rehabilitation, Carolyn’s therapists decided on a program that included the therapeutic pool, located in the Medical Arts Complex next to the hospital. “The pool is 94 degrees – so comfortable, she said. “You get in and gradually, you can move a little bit more than you can out of the water.”

After two visits a week for a few months, Carolyn is feeling much better. “My arthritis doesn’t hurt as much as it did, and I’m able to get around. I recommend this therapy for anyone who needs it. The therapists and staff are great at BMC, and the program is excellent.”

Carolyn was first introduced to the pool at BMC in 1996, when she broke her leg and needed therapy to walk again. She next used the pool during therapy to speed her recovery after hip replacement surgery.

“I think the best-kept secret in Pittsfield is the therapeutic pool at the Center for Rehabilitation at BMC,” she said. “You can exercise without pain, stretch your muscles and do more physically in the pool. It really helps in your recovery.”

The therapeutic pool at The Center for Rehabilitation offers a unique environment that promotes and expedites patient progress. The naturally beneficial properties of neutral warmth (92-95° F), buoyancy and resistance enhance healing and promote recovery.

The pool is ideal for patients with back injuries, chronic pain, neurological and orthopedic conditions; arthritis and fibromyalgia.

The therapeutic pool allows for earlier rehab intervention, especially for those in extreme pain, patients with inadequate balance or those with very low strength or endurance.
Simple immersion in warm water produces positive effects on the body with increases in blood supply to the muscles, superficial circulation, metabolism and general muscle relaxation. Exercising further enhances these effects. In addition, the properties of buoyancy allow for resistive exercises without the joint stress associated with weight-bearing.

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