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Carol Tetlow

"This has been a life-changing decision for me"

"All my life I have struggled with my weight. I knew about weight loss surgery and then a friend's sister did it. I needed something more than diets and Weight Watchers, because it was so discouraging when they failed.

Before surgery, I had high blood pressure, joint pain and foot problems. I was almost instantly off the blood pressure medicine after the surgery, and my joint pain is now gone. This has been a life-changing decision for me. You hear about how it will be but until you do it, you don't realize how good you can feel about your body. The medical people were great and supporting.

I have my mobility back and I can go into a department store and buy a blouse or anything. I don't have to admit to those big numbers that you don't want to admit you buy. It's a tremendous feeling. You get great self-esteem back.

But it is a long-term thing. Portion control is critical and I avoid high starch food. I still follow Weight Watchers, but I don't attend meetings. I go to Curves three times a week and I have exercise equipment in my house. It all helps.

The best thing is when people haven't seen me for a while. So far I have lost 115 pounds. Would I recommend the procedure? I already have!"

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