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Bonnie Anderson's Story

"I'm just so grateful. I appreciate things so much more."

Sixty-year-old Bonnie Anderson took to the trails of Jiminy Peak last year for the first time in four decades. “I was home again,” she said. “This is the mountain I grew up on, and I was so grateful to be back.”

The fact that it was summer, not winter, and that she was traveling by foot, not skis, took nothing away from the significance of that moment, made possible by BMC’s Joint Replacement team and her own determination to “get my life back.”

A born skier, Bonnie spent her childhood and young-adult years on slopes throughout New England, fearlessly traversing the trails, pivoting and twisting her way downhill, and returning to the top to do it all over again.

By the time she reached her mid-20s, her passion had turned to pain. “I took some horrific falls over the years. I had wrecked my knees more than once. Basically my body couldn’t take it anymore. I had to stop.”
Even without skiing, her condition continued to erode over the years. Even the simplest forms of recreation became too much for her. “I could hardly walk. To go down the road a couple of hundred feet was a major feat.” Eventually that meant no more hikes and bike rides she enjoyed along the path near the Berkshire Mall.
By the spring of 2011, she knew she had to make a decision.  Resisting suggestions that she travel to Boston for surgery (“I knew that some of the best joint replacement guys around were right here at home”) she made her first appointment at Berkshire Orthopaedic Associates.
The rest is history. “A couple of months after my second knee replacement, I was hiking the Appalachian Trail,” just down the road from her Becket home. Her visits to Jiminy are the most meaningful of all, walking the terrain she once traveled on skis.

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