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Arthroscopic Surgery

What is Arthroscopy?
The word "arthroscopy" comes from the Greek words "arthros" (joint) and "scopos" (to look). In today's terms, it is a surgical procedure which allows surgeons to view the inside of joints and the spaces surrounding them in order to detect and treat damaged tissue. Arthroscopy requires only small incisions; patients recover more quickly and with less post-operative pain than with open surgery.  In nearly all cases, patients are able to return home the same day as their procedure is performed.

Arthroscopic surgery is an advanced surgical procedure offering less risk to patients and remarkable results.

Each year, thousands of people undergo arthroscopic surgery. Performed by a skilled orthopedic specialist, this innovative procedure can help alleviate pain and improve your quality of life.

 What are the benefits of arthroscopic surgery?
There are potential benefits of arthroscopic surgery when compared with traditional "open" surgery. With arthroscopic surgery, it's more likely that:

  • You'll have less pain following the procedure
  • You'll have a lower risk of complications
  • You'll have a shorter hospital stay or the procedure may be done as out-patient surgery
  • You'll have a quicker recovery
  • You'll have less scarring

Arthroscopic surgery and complying with your physical therapy plan can help jump-start your return to the activities you love.

More information about arthroscopic surgey can be found at Arthroscopy Association of North America

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