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Alexander Kloman, MD

Thinking like a patient

Dr. Kloman tries to think like a patient. "Have you ever been sick?" he routinely asks his medical students. "I've had a major illness," he explains, "and I see things now that never occurred to me before. The rigors of sickness make you a better doc. You become brighter about the concepts of illness, about being afraid, about not knowing what's wrong. They don't teach you that in medical school."

Dr. Kloman is a board-certified neurologist, with a subspecialty in clinical neurophysiology. "The electrics are my areas of interest," he says, and he performs such brains tests as electroencephalographs, electromyograms, and nerve conduction studies. "But I am particularly proud professionally of our stroke program here at the hospital. It's won awards from the state and the American Heart Association, and it's an enormous undertaking by many people. People come here to observe what we do and to try to emulate it."

Consisting of technicians, nurses, physicians, and all caregivers who come into contact with stroke patients, the Stroke Team works to streamline communication, to convey information and enhance decision-making. For stroke patients, timely treatment is essential, which the stroke program strives to deliver as promptly and efficiently as possible at both Fairview Hospital and BMC.

As an undergraduate, Kloman studied biology, but he decided to become a doctor after an older brother died of a brain tumor. He earned his medical degree at Dartmouth, and trained at New England Medical Center and George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C. He established private practices in Chicago and then Bennington, Vermont, before coming to BHS in 2002. His on-going experience as a solo practitioner has been valuable. "My approach to patient care," he explains, "is about building relationships one at a time. You make a connection. You develop confidence and trust."

A native of Lakeville, Connecticut, Dr. Kloman resides with his wife and their son and daughter in Lenox.

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